New item in my shop!

I cannot believe it’s been two weeks since my first post. I guess I’ve been busy creating, but not talking about it. Now it’s time to talk about it!

I’ve added a new style of knitting project bag to my Etsy shop. It’s a zip-top project bag with a wide opening. I really love it — they’re a little more compact than my drawstring project bags but they still hold a lot. And I love playing with color combinations in the main fabric, zipper, lining fabric, and even the pull tab for the zipper. Here’s a sample:


and here’s how it looks when it’s open:


and with some contents (that’s the sleeve of a Devonshire sweater from Twist Collective that I’ve got stashed inside):


Oh, and I’ve got a Doctor Who inspired one as well (made with some great fabric I found on Spoonflower):


I’ll definitely be making more of these next week. They’re my new favorite thing!

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