Welcome to my world!

So, I finally did it — bit the bullet and started a blog. Why have a blog? I feel like it’s the best way to tie together all the different things I’m working on and thinking about. I love having my Etsy shop and store on Spoonflower. And posting on Ravelry, of course. But I wanted a place that’s more flexible than any of them, where I can talk about all of them, and more. This is that place.

The thing I’m most excited about right now is my new line of fabrics inspired by the BBC Sherlock series. I call it Lovin’ Sherlock and you can find it on Spoonflower. Let me know what you think of the prints. If you’d like one of them in a different color, or at a different size, just let me know, either here or on Spoonflower. I love to collaborate to come up with new variations!




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